Our Renewable energy projects have taken us all over Europe and as far as South Africa. The mainstay of this work is in providing consultancy to build projects from concept to operation. Our current project concepts are simple
  • Install single turbines on green field sites in carefully selected areas, or (Greenfield)
  • Install single turbines behind the demand meter of large energy users (Auto-Production)
Both concepts provide low cost energy for the end user in either generating onto the grid at low capital costs or displacing high utility electricity usage charges at a demand / large energy user site. For Auto-Production, turnkey can be established in two ways
  • We build, own and operate a wind turbine and sell the power to you for a fixed fee, or
  • We ‘hold your hand’ while you build, own and operate the wind turbine
For Greenfield, we will look to lease land to build out a project. If either of these concepts are of interest, we would like to speak with you. Our wind turbine projects generally start at 200kw upwards so unfortunately, we do not work with micro generation or domestic house installations. We are your go-to partner for wind energy. Call us now to discuss your project: office: +353 (0)21 477 8837 or mobile: +353 (0)86 818 0476.