DIY Self Installed Wind Turbine

1kw DIY Self Installed Wind Turbine can now offer a 1kw DIY self installed wind turbine for 3600 + 23% VAT

100 is required for postage & packaging.


  • 1kw wind turbine complete kit including 6m (20ft) tower
  • Typical savings for this in a good windy area could be of up to 475 a year off your electricity bill.
  • All fitting instructions are included in the pack.
  • Heavy lifting equipment is needed to erect the tower
  • This turbine is exempt from planning but there are guidelines for installation. You must comply with National Planning guidelines which can be found in the Department of Environment website.
  • This turbine is not suitable for mounting on buildings.
  • This turbine connects to the electricity network in your house but must be wired to ETCI regulations.

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1250 + 21.5% VAT.





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